Mt. Binutasan and How Grannies Made Us Eat Dust

When things get too difficult, cry and you’ll get a horse.

I had never thought this to be possible until I went on a hike to Mt. Binutasan in Rizal. I tagged along with fifteen others to see the famous sea of clouds that form below the peak of the mountain from dawn to 8:00 a.m. It was an easy hike, which we started at five in the morning. We had planned to start two hours earlier, so we could climb Mt. Sapari (These two mountains form the Maysawa circuit, so hikers go to Sapari summit, then Binutasan), as well. But we left Cubao too late, so we ditched that or we would have missed the sea of clouds at Mt. Binutasan.

Sambawan Island

It was not easy finding a boat that would take us to Sambawan on Holy Thursday. For a moment, I feared I would postpone going there again. The last time I had planned on being in Sambawan, I had run out of time and decided to go for Kalanggaman instead, which is one of the best change of plans I have ever made. Kalanggaman island is beautiful. But, that did not diminish my curiosity about this island in Maripipi, Biliran. I just had to see it for myself.

Party Pooper

It is not often that I go home.
In a year, going home twice would already be too frequent. With my schedule and the expense that comes with it, going home is difficult. Add to that the shameful fact that flying still scares me. Though it only takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, it feels like forever with thoughts of crashing the entire flight. So, you see, I try to find excuses not to go home.

Alienable Rights

I have been thinking much about politics lately, and in most cases, I feel the urge to kick somebody’s groin for it. Social media have made it worse by exposing the horror of people’s gullibility. It has been very difficult to accept that many are willing to go blind only because they have so much faith in the person they voted last elections. They confuse support with the cultist mentality of just agreeing without questioning. To them, it is fine to tramp human rights for now if the end is peace and security. Machiavelli would be very proud. In fact, to them, anything is fine if the leader says it.

Biri Island

Biri is a statement. I can't be adding anything to its name if I use beautiful as a predicate because after seeing the island, Biri cannot be anything else but that. 

It is a respite after traveling for over 20 hours. From its people, to the view, and the simplicity of life, everything is a relief from the tiring trip and the numbing stress at the office. The island provides a sense of calm and an avenue for thinking about things that we try hard to ignore every day. 

Not Just Passing By Baguio

Baguio City
Even with a little hangover, I forced myself to get up earlier than usual on Christmas day to turn off the fan. It was cold.

I had to get my first cup of Benguet’s finest. And in the middle of my musings over coffee, I must have decided I wanted more of the cool air for twelve hours later, I found myself adjusting my seat on a bus bound for Baguio.

How to Get to MOA from San Pedro on a Payday Friday

Be on the National Highway in San Pedro at exactly 5:23 in the afternoon.

That is a good time to be sentimental if you like sunsets. Watch out for those green buses that snake their way through the road. If you are the kind that likes adventure, get on one of them and take a window seat. You will know why when you get to the skyway, where you'll see flashbacks of your life before you. That will just be for a few minutes before an old movie of the Action King shows the exciting part of story on the bus TV. He fights back to avenge the death of his mother. Say the lines with him. You know the script and the plot very well. All movies are the same.